Top Four Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

Solar panels can be a great way of reducing energy costs and preserving the environment. They also provide many other benefits such as local support and energy independence. Are you interested in installing solar panels at your home? I am a solar panel user and want to share my top four benefits.

1. Energy Bills Can Be Reduced Or Eliminated.

This one is quite amazing. Texas has an average amount of sun, but enough to power our three children and two adults with net-zero energy consumption. We generate more energy than we use on warm spring days and we then trade it with the utility. We draw power from the grid on hot summer days.

Even if it is cloudy, sunny areas receive an average of 5.5 hours per day.

While sunny days produce more solar energy than cloudy days, solar panels can still draw energy from the sun even when it is cloudy. Your home can still be powered by indirect sunlight, also known as diffused. On sunny days, you will get around 10-20% of the power produced by cloudy days.

2. Get Tax Credits And Rebates

My solar panels actually pay me. I didn’t know how much this would benefit me. When you file your taxes, you’ll get 30% of the total system costs back as a federal tax credit. You would be able to save $7,500 on a $25,000. solar system.

This can be combined with state and local rebates, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), to cut down on total costs by half. SRECs can be generated all year and sold to utility companies. This generates a remarkable return on the initial investment.

The investment pays back in 3.5 years. However, the warranty on solar panels is 10 years. They also have a useful life of 25 years. This means that you can generate electricity for free and additional credits for up to 20 years. It is hard to beat. It is both socially responsible as well as economically profitable.

Installers often offer no-cost installations. They pay all the money upfront for the panels and install the electricity at a lower rate. They basically offer a “lease” of your roof and a discounted electricity rate in return. This option is great for homeowners who don’t want to invest the initial capital or prefer no-money-down. In this instance, the installer receives all proceeds from the SRECs.

You are likely to have incredible tax credits for your solar energy, no matter where you live. Grab them while you can.

3. Save Money From The First Day.

Annual energy costs can reach thousands. The average annual energy cost per person is $3.052, which includes transportation and residential energy. These costs can be reduced or eliminated as soon as solar power is installed. Because it is basically free, solar power can provide long-term savings.

Your resale price will be significantly increased by solar panels. A home with solar panels is understood by most home buyers. This is because they don’t need to invest in the initial installation and maintenance. Most homeowners experience a $5911 increase in resale values for every kilowatt installed, according to research. This means that a 3.1-kilowatt system could increase your home’s resale price by almost $18,000.

Because solar panels protect against the elements like rain, snow, and debris, they can extend the roof’s life. Solar panels make your house more efficient in summer, as the heat from the sun does not directly hit the roof. Instead, it is being absorbed into the panels, which keeps the temperature down.

4. Give Back To The Environment: We All Benefit.

Solar power systems get clean, pure energy from sunlight. Solar panels can be installed on your home to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. To produce electricity, fossil fuels emit harmful gases which are the main cause of global climate change and air pollution. Fossil fuels are not only harmful to the environment but also a finite resource. This is why the price fluctuates and can rise quickly.

Public health is also improved by renewable energy. Natural gas and coal plants create harmful air and water pollution. However, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like solar power can reduce premature death and overall healthcare costs.

While fossil fuels require significant water resources and can cause water pollution, solar power requires very little or no water to work. Solar power doesn’t pollute water resources and it doesn’t strain the world’s water supply.

Even during severe droughts or heat waves, solar power can still be used. Natural gas, coal, and nuclear power all require large amounts of cooling water. Electricity generation is vulnerable to heat waves and severe droughts as we have seen in recent years. Solar power systems don’t require water to produce electricity.

Solar power also creates jobs in clean energy. The United States has been a leader in clean energy. Despite budget cuts at DOE and EPA, this trend should continue. Innovative and forward-thinking companies will continue to embrace the evolving landscape of energy production and shift to renewables.

If you’re building a green home, you might be interested in LEED credits for solar energy.

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