Five Ways to Protect Your House From Intruders

Moving into your new house can be very exciting, but it is important not to forget about the safety measures in your excitement. The only way to not feel vulnerable in your new house is to make it burglar-proof. When you are certain that intruders cannot get inside your house, you will feel safer. Even if you have to leave your house during the day for work, you won’t have to worry about its safety.

Keep the Windows Locked

Humans are forgetful creatures, which is why they can forget to lock their windows. But unlocked windows are an open invitation to intruders. So, to protect your house and your belongings, it is important to keep your windows locked. You can also install glass break sensors on your windows to increase the protection of your house. With sensors in place, you will feel more confident about the security of your house.

Make the Doors Secure

In most cases, intruders break into a house through the front door. Before you move into your new house, inspect all the doors to make sure they can keep you safe. If the door frames are strong, then it won’t be easy for intruders to break in. Getting screen doors in Bunbury is also a good idea as they can not only keep the intruders out but also prevent bugs and insects from entering your house.

Sufficient Lighting

Intruders are more likely to try and break into a house that is in the dark. If your outdoor property has proper lighting, it will keep the intruders away. Lights can easily expose intruders, which is why they avoid properties with sufficient outdoor lighting. You can go for motion activated lighting to save on your electricity bill.

Secure the Garage

People often ignore the garage when they are taking safety measures to protect their house. Intruders know this fact, which is why they can try to get into your house by breaking into the garage. To protect your house from intruders, it is important that you secure your garage. If you secure your garage door with extra locks and always remember to close it, you will be able to stay safe from intruders.

Upgrade the Locks

If you are moving into a house that someone else used to live in, you should change the locks as soon as possible so a stranger won’t have the keys to your place. You can also keep the intruders away from your house by upgrading old locks.

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