3 Garden Features to Consider for 2022

As we brace ourselves for another UK winter, some forward-thinking people are already thinking about their next year gardening’ as soon as the spring arrives, it is time to plan a few garden features and with that in mind, here are a few ideas.

  1. Pond & waterfall – A nice rockery with a small stream that runs into the pond would be a great addition to any garden and with one of the local landscaping companies in Leeds, you can enjoy the relaxing ambience of running water and a small eco-system for a breath of nature. There are many shapes and size for the pond and importing a few yards of topsoil will give you the levels you need, along with a few rocks, and, of course, some fish.
  2. Block paving terrace – You might have a corner of the garden where you could install a small block paving terrace; a table and a couple of chairs and you have a nice shaded corner to enjoy your morning coffee.
  3. Bali hut – If you want a covered space to relax, consider a Bali hut, its name taken from the bamboo huts that Bali is home to and you can order online from a leading garden centre.

Talk to a local landscaper and see what ideas they have to transform your garden.

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