Safer space: signs it’s time to upgrade your carport

The carport is an area that has to be safe. After all, the last thing you want is falling objects or, worse still, ceiling rubble tumbling down upon your head. Safety aside, this space is one that can also be used for all kinds of awesome ventures, so it doesn’t need to be reduced simply to a space that stores your car!

There are plenty of ways to tell when it’s time to upgrade this space, and we’re going to share a few of them with you now.

If you have experienced any of these unwanted signs then it’s time to upgrade for the sake of your car, your safety and optimising your room!

  • The space feels unsafe 

If you have had the same rusty old room for many years then it’s time to start looking up carport kit prices, my friend. After all, rusty old structures can easily become a health hazard, especially if the old design wasn’t the sturdiest and it has experienced many Aussie winter or summer storms!

A brand new design will be made with the highest quality materials. It will be designed to withstand the Australian elements in a way that will keep you, your vehicle and your stored items safe for many seasons to come. The last thing you want is to continue using a rickety old build that you’ve had in place since you first built the house – it’s time to level up your space and make it far safer than the 80s!

  • You don’t have space for other hobbies 

Because the modern structure should double as a space for enjoying ourselves. Whether you’re into art, design, music, painting – whatever – you should be able to go into this space and know that you can do something seriously enjoyable in it.

So, if your design is too small, and only allows for you to just barely fit your car in it whilst ruining any other opportunities for fun, enjoyable hobbies, then perhaps it’s time to consider what you can do to take the design to new heights of entertainment!

  • It’s lacking storage space 

Because what good is the great Aussie carport if we can’t store our goods in it? From DIY equipment to sporting goods, old junk we’re sure we’ll need one day to books we read way back when, this is a room that in Australian lore doubles as the home’s biggest all-purpose cupboard!

If you find that your home is doing the brunt of storage duties, and storing goods it simply doesn’t need, then you can be sure that this a space you can turn into a comfortable one for keeping your goods – ensure that you make it do just that with a five star upgrade.

  • You can’t hang out there 

Once again, carports can double as entertainment zones given the right amount of space. One of the grand Aussie images is that of kicking it in the carport, with the car to one side and the mates to the other, enjoying a few frothies with a view out to the garden, farm, gully – wherever!

If you’re unable to hang out in this space then perhaps it’s time to turn it into a tried and true entertainer’s zone. This, along with the other telltale signs of a need for upgrade, should be enough to get you thinking, “hmmm, is it time we did something more with that space?”

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