Light & bright: how to illuminate your bathroom

The bathroom should be a bright space. After all, there isn’t much pleasure in fumbling around for your personal items in the dark when you’re trying to get ready for a big day ahead. You shouldn’t find yourself there asking, “why can I never find anything here?” as this is a surefire sign that your space needs some immediate illumination!

A brighter space is not only easier to navigate, but it also makes you feel more at ease, ensuring you can peacefully ready yourself for that big date, meeting, speech – whatever!

So, if you’re sick of slipping on dirty clothes in a dark and dank bathroom, here are a few ways to illuminate it:

  1. Install a frameless shower screen 

If you’ve had that manky old shower curtain clinging to your skin for too long every time you bathe then it’s time to enlist the best shower screen installation Melbourne has available. Those old curtains are not only manky, but they also block out any natural light that can come in through your window, so if you’ve had the ick with it for too long then it is certainly time to level up your screen game.

Frameless styles are not only designed to make the space feel bigger, but they also help illuminate it, as they allow in that natural light from the window that would otherwise be blocked out through other, outdated styles. So, the very first thing you can do to switch up this situation is this – install a new screen!

  1. Paint it bright colours! 

Because brighter colours reflect any natural light and make the space more illuminated. Naturally, having dark, dingy colours straddling the walls make for a darker, more uncomfortable space, and so they can really be given a miss if you’re trying to make the space brighter.

So, think about brighter colours: beiges, pinks (cos Barbie), yellows – whatever you want that is going to reflect that natural light and make your bathroom more enjoyable!

  1. Install a larger window (but one that is still private) 

Because there are plenty of options for larger bathroom windows that still maximise privacy. You can even install large, obscured windows that can’t be seen through but still allow plenty of natural light to flood into the space. If you have been looking at that tiny little pigeon hole window thinking, “yeah, it’s private, but it really keeps the light out” then perhaps it’s time to think about installing one of those larger, obscuring windows!

  1. & larger mirrors, too! 

Because those tiny old vanity mirrors have got to go. They make the space look like it was designed in the 1950s, and really don’t do much for creating a stylish aesthetic. Large mirrors, like bright colours, reflect any natural light entering the bathroom, ensuring you have a space that is further illuminated on a gorgeous sunny day.

  1. Add new lighting 

Because those old lighting solutions have had their time, too. Lighting technology has come a very long way in recent years, and you can truly personalise the design to make it perfect for your needs. If you’re someone who enjoys a nice relaxing evening bath, you can also install lighting that can be modified to make for a more calming experience, ensuring that you have a solution that both illuminates and relaxes.

So, is it time to brighten your bathroom? If so, you will find that even enlisting one of these tips will provide a much happier space to get ready for and relax after a big day on the job!

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