Got the ick? 3 signs it’s time to remodel your bathroom

The bathroom is a sanctuary. It is a place we can go to feel cool, calm and comfortable before we jet off for the day ahead. It should have an airy vibe, one in which we can feel uber relaxed before anyone else comes along to ruin that feeling.

So, why on Earth should we continue using a washroom that makes us wince? Seriously, if your space is dirty, mouldy or functions like it was built in the 60s, it’s definitely time you reno-vested. After all, using a washroom that makes you stressed is only going to continue this feeling into the day, inhibiting your ability to optimise your day like the star you are!

So, if you’ve noticed any of these bad bathroom signs, even just one, it’s certainly time to consider a healthy renovation:

  • It doesn’t function well

The most stunning bathroom remodel Mornington has will ensure your space functions beautifully. So, if you find that your layout laughable, your shower in shambles and your taps tumultuous, then it is certainly time to do something about this mockery to good living. After all, a poorly functioning space is one that does nothing but to raise our cortisol levels, something which can have a negative impact on our day and, consequently, our lives.

This may sound dramatic for some. But for others who find themselves regularly battling it out with their bathroom like it’s their arch nemesis, you can understand how they might want to switch up the space to reduce the stress. So, if your washroom is giving you a feeling of dreadful discomfort, then it is certainly time to call in the pros – they’ll make it a stylishly elegant space that is a joy to behold!

  • It feels too small

There are plenty of tricks you can do in any room of the home to make it seem bigger. And, given that a feeling of space is conducive to making us feel comfortable, it’s only natural that you should want this in the room you use for prepping yourself for important days.

Unfortunately, older washroom decor and fittings do nothing but make the room feel tiny, and this goes a long way to increasing stress levels when we really should be at our most chilled. So, if you have a gunky old shower curtain that’s cutting the room in half, or a tiny mirror that doesn’t amplify the feeling of space, it’s time to mix it up with some space-enhancing selections (think clear shower screens and large mirrors – they’re the best place to start!).

  • It lacks storage space

Another problem with older washrooms is that whilst their fixtures reduced the feeling of space, they also lacked much storage space. Sounds contradictory, but when you have a teeny tiny mirror imprinted in the space’s only storage cabinet, you will start to see what we mean.

The modern bathroom needs plenty of storage space. After all, there may be two of you using the room, and you both need to hold all your products. So, if you find that you both have your toothpaste tubes, brushes or whatever strewn across the sink then it’s time to reconsider your spatial options.

These are the three signs that your room is in need of a serious remodel. After all, comfort is key to the washroom, as we need optimised comfort to get ready in peace and serenity, regardless of what anyone else might try to bring our way throughout the day!

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