Wind attributes and how they affect the roof:

There are numerous dangers that could affect your roofing systems. When homeowners are presented with a series of weather disturbances that could pose a risk to their roof, it’s very important that they get a roofing inspection done after the weather event. Storms are fairly common and items like hurricanes inhale can be extremely detrimental to the structure of a roof. Here are some of the top events involving wind that should require a roofing inspection:

High wind speeds:

Serious storms that carry high wind speeds can make things difficult on your roofing materials. If this storm is relatively strong, it could blow your shingles in the wrong direction or blow of shingles and other materials.

Wind loads and residential roofing systems:

\Almost any residential roofing system has a wind load rating as outlined by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will test their shingles or roofing materials in a wind tunnel using hurricane force winds. One of the worst and most challenging types of wind that can affect your shingles is the uplift wind force. When an updraft can get underneath your shingle it will often blow off the shingles more quickly and send roofing materials off in the wind.

Choose when resistant roofing materials:

If your roof is been affected by high winds in the past it could be a wise idea to consider choosing wind resistant roofing materials. The size and shape of your roof can affect the way to withstand high winds and choosing a contractor that can protect your home with affordable roofing solutions for the wind is very important.

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