What are the Different Kinds of Induction Cooktops Available?

Induction cooktops have become quite popular these days and it serves as an alternate arrangement for cooking in times of emergency. It has become very common household item in European countries and also in Asia and America.

You will find different varieties of induction cooktops on the website meselectros.com. We will briefly discuss few common types of induction cooktops that you can find in the market.

  1. Single-element induction cooktop

Single-element induction cooktop will have single cooking zone only where cookware can be placed. As they usually have single burner, you cannot prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.

Usually, they are available at maximum power rating of 1800W and are relatively less costly and also portable.

Generally, they can be used along with other cooking unit. You can generally use them for limited amount of cooking.

  • Multi-element induction cooktop

There are multiple number of elements in this type of cooktop and hence have multiple cooking zones and simultaneously you can cook different dishes.

These types of multi element units can be comparatively expensive and also less portable because they need more space to install them.

Also, since they are meant for simultaneous cooking, their power rating will be considerably higher than previous one.

  • Built-in type induction cooktop units

They are available in multi-element built-in units and having different dimensions based on elements numbers or cooking zones. Such units are perfectly installed and look like part of countertop and usually are quite pleasing to eyes.

These units must be placed carefully so that they are at same level as the countertop. They can also be quite costlier.

  • Freestanding-countertop induction units

Freestanding induction cooktops will not require a countertop as they are countertop itself. Usually, they are placed between countertops however you can always use them to do outdoor cooking.

These types are ideal cooktops if you are living in any rented houses or if you are student living away or people who usually love outdoor cooking.

  • Commercial induction unit

Usually, induction cooktops meant for commercial installations will be much rugged in their construction because they need to withstand much higher weights and also bad handling and used for much longer period of time.

Besides, their power ratings can also be considerably higher because large quantities of foods and many items are to be prepared in lesser time. Their electrical circuits will have better industrial protection for avoiding any accidental mishap.

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