Let Us Know About Compost, Topsoil and Potting Mix

Those who are interested in gardening and often grow their kitchen garden at home will be interested to know the difference between compost, topsoil and potting mix.

In order to do proper gardening, you will also make use of potting soil spreader which is known as epandeur a terreau in French language that many people in Canada are familiar with.


Compost is created by amending various organic material like food scraps obtained from plant, animal manure and other decomposed plant trimmings. All these are mixed with soil and with little water and thus compost is created in due course of time.

Compost can be very useful for the soil and can help in the growth of the plants. People use them for improving their condition of lawn and also to different plants that are grown in their garden.

While buying any bagged compost from the market, you must check the label properly and check the list of all the organic materials present within it.


Topsoil is mainly used for creating new or any raised planting beds in order to improve the existing garden soil. Actual topsoil is considered to be uppermost portion of ground just beneath our feet.

Topsoil too contains organic matter which will offer a typical darker color. The structure of topsoil will make it easier for cultivating and also help in absorbing the water much better.

Higher will be the biological level of topsoil, the insects and other microorganisms, will reduce compaction and help in increasing soil health.

Potting mix

Potting mixes usually contain certain inorganic as well as organic materials, which may also include mineral soil and sand. These potting may or also may not be fully sterilized for killing various pests and weed seeds.

If you are buying potting mix from the market then check its level and if it does not say whether it is sterilized then probably it is not sterilized.

Also, you may find many potting mixes which are labeled Soilless”. This potting mix will consist of sphagnum moss, peat moss and little compost in order to retain little moisture.

Also, for drainage, it may also have vermiculite or perlite but will not contain any mineral soils like sand or clay. Usually they will be lightweight and blended for holding moisture while draining.

Before you buy any potting mix, you must do little research about it.

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