HVAC Maintenance: All You Wanted To Know About Negative Air Duct Cleaning!

In most homes, HVAC systems work extensively throughout the day and night, to maintain indoor temperature. When in use, the air ducts keep collecting contaminants and dust, and after a point, these ducts will get clogged. It is best to call a professional HVAC repairs & maintenance service to get air ducts cleaned. There are other methods too, but many companies are using the newer system, called negative air duct cleaning.

What is negative air duct cleaning?

This kind of cleaning relies on compressed air, to get rid of contaminants, dust, & debris found in air ducts. The process relies on vacuum equipment that creates negative pressure in the system, and that helps in complete cleaning and may improve the quality of indoor air. In case of negative air duct cleaning, the HVAC technicians may still have to access certain parts of the duct work, to remove buildup of debris, especially if you haven’t been regular with maintenance of air ducts. The air ducts may be accessed through specific points, and once the work is done, these points will be sealed, and your HVAC system is ready to use.

‘Do I really need air duct cleaning?’

That’s often a common question that homeowners ask. It is important to understand that HVAC systems also filter the air, so contaminants, pet dander, dust, and other kinds of small debris materials are constantly being filtered. In presence of moisture, which is not rare, mold can form inside the air ducts, which can lead to health problems. In general, air duct cleaning has many benefits, such as improved air flow, reduced energy bills, and cleaner air inside the house. You can also keep pest infestation at bay.

Finding a local service

For air duct cleaning, you need a local company that is accessible and can take the task on priority. Ask them about the method they are using for cleaning air ducts, and if they can rely on negative air duct cleaning, it is always an advantage. Get an estimate, check if they are well-equipped and staffed, and whether they have insurance. Hire a company that you can rely on, for other HVAC repairs and maintenance tasks, as well.

If you are not sure of whether the air ducts must be cleaned, just call the HVAC company, and they will do a necessary inspection, to figure out the possible presence of contaminants or pests.

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