How to Finish Your Basement

The lowest floor of your house definitely has a lot of promise, even if it’s now chilly concrete and stuffed with boxes of off-season duds. Treat it like any of the above-ground rooms, and it could well become the most popular hangout space in the house—for a lot less money!

What to Look for and Fix Before You Begin

Tape 2-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls to check for dampness. Wait a few weeks and see what happens because, if your foundation isn’t sealed properly or is torn then moisture will collect beneath it. You may not have noticed before, but if there is an issue it’s probably been there for some time so, your basement will need drying out treatment and new waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing

Moisture and pollutants from the earth can easily find their way into basements and, as a result, a waterproofing system is almost always necessary. The design originally used, including the method of construction followed at the time will determine what steps the repair guys will take. They may even ask you about your intended end use for the space as it will all influence the waterproofing solution used. Basement waterproofing in Bath can help you get an idea of your available options.

Basement Ceiling Soundproofing

If you want to soundproof your space you could try to install fiberglass batts without a vapor barrier between the joists to soundproof your basement ceiling. Then, using robust clips and metal furring channels, secure one or two layers of drywall, and, job done.

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