Free Yourself from the Grip of Corporate Energy Giants by Installing a Solar Energy System in Your Home

For far too long, the Australian homeowner has been held to ransom by the large energy corporations who supply us with domestic electricity, yet those days are fast coming to an end with the emergence of clean and renewable energy that solar panels provide. Every time energy prices go up, we have little choice but to shrug our shoulders and pay the extra, yet solar technology is now an affordable alternative to the national grid.

Government Support

The Australian government are very forward thinking and most states will offer the homeowner financial support if they plan to install a solar energy system in their home. If you are looking to install solar panels in Brisbane, for example, the Queensland government will offer you an interest-free loan to have the system installed, and it doesn’t take many years to get a return on your investment. Such is the efficiency of the latest generation of solar panels and home batteries, that you can expect to generate around 80% of your power needs, with the rest coming from the national grid.

Approved Solar Energy Suppliers

In order to qualify for a government concession, you need to use an approved company to supply solar panel installations, and with an online search, you can be talking to such a provider. Experts are predicting as many as 300,000 Australian homes will be powered by solar energy within the next 5 years, and the Australian government has already scrapped plans to build any more fossil fuel burning power plants, and will close the existing ones down, as and when the demand drops to a suitable level.

Huge Energy Savings

Of course, the biggest benefit that comes with installing solar power is the massive savings, and once you have finished the payments for installing the solar energy system, you can say goodbye to those high energy bills we all love to hate. Of course, installing solar energy doesn’t mean you can’t be connected to the national grid, and any time you need to fall back on that, it is always available to you. If, for example, you have a high power need at home, a few cloudy days might mean you have to use the traditional power supply, but realistically, you can expect to generate around 80% of your power requirements through your solar energy system.

Designed Around Your Needs

When you make an enquiry with an approved solar power system supplier, they would send a technician to your home and a system can be designed that suits your needs. The number of solar panels you would need, would largely depend on your expected power use, and with stylish solar panels on your roof, your home will still look nice.

If you are eco-friendly and would like to reduce your carbon footprint, talk to an established solar power provider and become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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