Five Risks of Hiring a Unlicensed Plumber

Although your cousin’s uncle does “a little plumbing on a side”, he will likely charge you a lot. It is not a wise decision to hire an amateur handyman. This is why it’s a bad idea to hire an amateur plumber to do a repair or install.

Plumbers without a license: What you pay for is what you get

Doesn’t Have Insurance

Always make sure that your plumber is properly insured before you hire them. Unexpected lawsuits are not something you want. Unlicensed plumbers could get hurt while performing repairs and you could be held responsible for their medical bills. Liability insurance is required for licensed plumbers. This gives customers extra security.

It can cost you twice as much

It is important to do the job right the first time when fixing your plumbing. Unlicensed plumbers are much more likely to make mistakes. Worse, they do not offer any warranty. You’ll have to hire a professional again to complete the job, which will cost you more.

Property Damage

Plumbing is a skilled trade. There is a higher chance that a person will not know what they are doing. Unlicensed plumbers can cause serious property damage. There are many problems that can arise, from broken pipes to leaking plumbing fixtures.

Change Your Life

Plumbers are licensed professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge. They have received extensive training. They can perform repairs efficiently and quickly. It is important to resolve emergency plumbing problems immediately, such as burst pipes or toilet backups. There is no room for errors. You could end up with a huge mess if you hire an unlicensed plumber.

Don’t have the right tools

A basic tool set is not sufficient to repair a typical plumbing problem. Many specialized tools are required, and can be very expensive. Even if an amateur can acquire the equipment, they still need to know how to use it. Incorrectly using hand tools can cause serious injuries such as bone fractures or severe cuts.

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