Different Hurricane Shutters Types to Protect Our Home

There are few places which are hurricane prone, and every year people have to face this seasonal fury. Therefore, you need to buy Bahama shutters in Fort Myers Fl so that for the next coming years, you may remain well prepared.

One of the key elements for protecting storm in Fort Myers Fl is hurricane shutters that covers windows and doors and can sustain very strong storms to prevent our building from any damage.

There are few other hurricane shutters types also available for protecting our homes in Fort Myers Fl, that are needed particularly during June to November.

  • Automatic roll-down type hurricane shutters

These shutters are of either metal or polycarbonate material that are attached above the window, which remains hidden while not in operation.


  • Best way of protection
  • Single person can install
  • Can also protect against theft
  • Remains permanently fitted to window


  • Little expensive option
  • Needs additional battery back-up so that during power shut down it can operate automatically.
  • Accordion hurricane shutters

When these shutters are not in operation, these storm shutters will be stored alongside your windows or doors. During the storm, they will unfurl almost like an accordion and will shield the windows.

They also use similar materials like above shutters.


  • Permanently connected
  • Installed by single person
  • Few models are locked too


  • For few home styles it can be too
  • cumbersome
  • Extra parts can break easily
  • Bahama hurricane shutters

These shutters are made of aluminum but also available of fiberglass or composite wood. They can be fixed above the windows.


  • Remains permanently attached
  • Single person can install them
  • Offers shade and privacy while open


  • Considered weaker than any other shutters
  • Based on material you choose you get better protection
  • Can block out extra light
  • Cannot be used for doors
  • Colonial hurricane shutters

Like Bahama shutters, they are made of metal, fiberglass or wood.


  • Permanently attached
  • One person can install
  • An aesthetically-pleasing option


  • Few types may need extra bracing
  • Installation may take longer time
  • Not suitable for protecting the doors
  • Comparatively higher cost
  • Storm panel type hurricane shutters

These shutters are comprised of steel or aluminum, which attach to walls around doors and windows on bolts/tracks.

There are number of such shutters available:

  1. Bolts and tracks
  2. C-shaped tracks
  3. Permanent bolts


  • Cost-efficient option
  • Easily removable
  • Strong, and can offer protection to both windows and doors


  • Needs external storage
  • Needs more than single person to install
  • Often may not line up properly
  • Due to sharp edges, makes them bit dangerous to handle

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