Considerations to Make Before Having a Wheelchair Ramp Installed

You have to pause and consider certain things before you go online searching for professionals doing wheelchair ramp installation near me. This is because the extent to which you or your loved ones, for whom you intend to have the ramp installed, will be pleased with the whole set-up is a function of these things. Hence, it is crucial to take out time and review these things carefully.


The first consideration hinges on where you wish to have the ramp installed. You may need to carry out some feasibility study – probably with the input of a professional – to ascertain the best site for the installation. You may decide to have the ramp directly linking to your front or other places. You should consider the different activities that are carried out around the site you’re envisioning in reference to whether or not they may disturb the movement of wheelchairs.

Temporary or Permanent

You should also decide on having a fixed or temporary wheelchair ramp. Temporary options such as a suitcase ramp, modular ramp, etc., may suffice when you intend to repurpose the site where the ramp will be (temporarily) installed. Besides, you may also find a temporary ramp useful whenever you receive a friend or loved one who uses a wheelchair. On the other hand, you can look to have a permanent wheelchair ramp in the home of your aged parents to enable them to move around independently and conveniently.


Here is another factor that cannot be waved aside as it is associated with safety and durability. You do not want to face a ramp that collapses or caves in accidentally as weight goes over it – that could be quite disheartening. So, it’s important you go for tough material to stand the test of time. Concrete and aluminum are among the most commonly utilized materials adopted in installing wheelchair ramps. Additionally, the ramp should adequately support the weight of your wheelchair. This means you will have to factor in the weight of the wheelchair in connection to the weight capacity of the ramp to be installed. This should form a critical part of the discussion you will have with the professional who will carry out the installation.

Ramp’s Size or Length

The size of the ramp should not be overlooked either, as it is related to safety to some extent. This is especially understandable when one considers the steepness of the slope that the installation may cause. Furthermore, the size or length of your wheelchair ramp will be determined by the amount of room available for its installation.


Finally, you need to consider your budget as you begin to source for a professional to install the ramp. Likewise, if you will be buying a temporary one, in that case, you should conduct some price comparisons to see the dealer – or contractor – that will deliver the best offer – premium quality at a reasonable price.

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