All That You Need to Know About Ductless Heat Pump

Summer season has already arrived and most of us are looking for some ways and means to keep our room cool. Nowadays, you can get a new kind of air conditioner that uses ductless heat pump.

Before you consider ductless heat pump installation for your home, let us try to know little more about it and also learn about its benefits.

How does it work?

Ductless heat pump generally works by taking all the hot air from one place and move it to another place. Ductless heat pump consists of:

  • Outdoor compressor unit
  • Indoor air-handling units.

Depending upon how many units you have, these systems can either be one of the following systems:

  • Single-zone systems
  • Multi-zone systems

For any smaller homes or any open-concept designs, single-zone systems will be perfect choice. Multi-zone systems on the other hand can be perfect choice for any larger buildings having rooms that are separate from each other.

In this system, heat will be transferred through evaporation cycle and condensation, because a refrigerant substance will cycle through the system through a compressor pump.

In all ductless heat pumps, there will be 2 heat exchanger coils. One of them will condense the refrigerant while the other will evaporate it. The refrigerant will absorb the heat from surrounding areas during evaporation process.

Also, conversely, condensing process will release heat previously absorbed. The desired temperature will be decided by thermostat setting and ductless heat pump will maintain that through movement between these 2 heat exchanger coils.

What are the benefits of ductless heat pump?

Following are the few benefits that you can get from ductless heat pump:

  • Saves your money

This is one of the top concerns of every homeowner and good news is that if you switch to ductless heat pump then you can save your utility bill.

  • Can be installed quickly

As compared to traditional HVAC system that needed about a week for installation, but heat pumps can be easily installed.

  • Much flexible

One major reason of its popularity is due to flexibility that ductless pumps can offer. They can easily compensate any size of room size or any additions that you may add.

  • Air quality will be improved

In traditional HVAC the cool air is passes through ducts that may contain many allergens, dusts and chemicals. However, here you will get cleaner air.

  • Increase the energy efficiency

Since ductless heat pumps can be zoned specifically throughout the home, hence they will allow you to either heat or cool only those areas you desire.

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