5 Steps that will help you Choose the best Wood Floor

Hardwood flooring came a lengthy means by yesteryear three decades. There’s a hardwood floor for each living room, including individuals places wood hasn’t gone before, such as the kitchen, bath and utility room. There are other choices, styles, colors as well as healthy finishes currently available. These choices can make your floor one-of-a-kind!

That will help you make an educated decision on which wood floor fits your needs, keep studying!

Step One – Kinds of Wood Flooring

Selecting the right floor for your house or office is only a few getting the details, evaluating the kinds deciding on a skilled wooden flooring professional to complete the job.

Let us begin with the wood itself. You will find three groups of wooden flooring currently available. Following is really a comparison that may help you determine which wood fits your needs.

Solid Flooring: All wooden flooring, no matter width or length that’s one wood all the way through is recognized as solid flooring.

Solid flooring provides you with an excellent chance for personalization. The selection of species, stains, and finishes all lead towards the personalization of the solid floor. Adding borders, medallions, corner treatments, etc., can further personalize a good wood floor.

Generally, solid flooring is nailed lower to ¾” exterior grade plywood, and it is excellent inmost section of a house on the floor level or over. Living spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms, and great rooms are fantastic for wood flooring.

Engineered Flooring: Also termed as laminated. Engineered wooden flooring will come in a 3 and 5 ply. It’s a wooden flooring product which includes layers of wood pressed together, using the grains running in various directions.

Laminated/engineered wooden flooring is ideal for individuals areas of the home where wood flooring might not be appropriate, for example basements. Since the grains run in various directions, it is a more dimensionally stable than wood. What this means is it’ll expand and contract under wood during fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Usually this really is familiar with such areas which are below grade, having a cement subfloor.

A variety of species and colours of engineered wooden flooring can be found. Some engineered wooden flooring goods are finished in the factory, factory finished or “prefinished” wood flooring can also be available.

Step Two – Job-Site Finished or Factory Finished

You need to next check out whether your should you prefer a finish that’s applied at work-site, or perhaps a flooring product which is completed in the factory.

Job-Site Finish

Employment-site finish is one that’s applied in the host to installation. The ground is sanded, and handle. You won’t be in a position to walk on the ground after final sanding until 12 hrs after final finishing. There’s always some dust although many systems are dustless, and there’s the noise from equipment. Employment-site finished floor does however create a smooth floor that’s been handcrafted in position in your house.


A prefinished floor is a which the conclusion is used in the factory. Most (although not all) laminated goods are prefinished, and a few solid goods are available prefinished. Prefinished flooring eliminates the dust and noise factors (you still acquire some noise), however, your subfloor must be perfectly level to offer the the best results.

Step Three – Selecting A Species

Greater than 22 domestic and imported wood species can be used for wooden flooring. The most typical of those are:

Red Oak

White-colored Oak




Other domestic forest which make beautiful flooring are:




Black Cherry

Douglas Fir



In case your searching for some thing exotic, consider:

Brazilian Cherry

Australian Cypress








Step Four – Stains/Finishes

There are lots of methods to stain as well as finish your wood flooring, but we are going to pay attention to an eco-friendly option: the Non-toxic and occasional Toxic OSMO Polyx Hardwax Oil Finishes and stains. OSMO is really a outstanding natural floor and wood finish from Germany, that’s:

As durable as memory.

Preserves the appear and feel of natural wood, instead of masks it with plastic.

Simple to place-repair, so that you can keep your finish searching great indefinitely

To not be mistaken with traditional oil finishes, OSMO Polyx-Oil is definitely an engineered finish created using plant oils and waxes. This outstanding finish offers great resiliency and renew ability having a unique lustrous finish. It’ll never crack, blister or slough off. Rather of developing a plastic film, like memory does, OSMO Polyx-Oil has open pores that “breathe.” This enables any moisture that does reach out to get then back out again without pushing from the finish.

Since it is micro porous, Polyx-Oil is effective in rooms rich in humidity, for example kitchens. It meets German standards for potential to deal with stains from wine, cola, coffee, tea, juice and, obviously, beer.

Place repairs are easy. Make repairs regularly, and also the finish can last indefinitely. If maintained, you don’t have to sand your floors again! The product provides no protection against ultraviolet sun rays in the sun, so it’s not appropriate for outside use.

Step Five – Selecting your Wooden Flooring Professional

When you made the decision you’ll need a hardwood floor, you need to pick the best flooring contractor to complete the job. Make certain to select an expert that can access probably the most current information in the market, probably the most technologically advanced products and systems, and an abundance of information and history. Request photographs of latest jobs in addition to references whom you can contact.

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